XMUM Library Empowers Chinese Studies Students with Resource Exploration Event

XMUM Library Empowers Chinese Studies Students with Resource Exploration Event

In a bid to enrich the academic journey of Chinese Studies students, Xiamen University Malaysia Library organized its second Library Guided Tour and Online/Offline Resource-Sharing Event on 22 April, 2024. 

As requested by Assistant Professor Dr. Ooi Bee Peng for the research method class of Chinese Studies, the event aimed to familiarize students with the physical and digital resources available within the university’s library.

The event commenced with a captivating exploration of the Tan Kah Kee Study under the guidance of Ms. Becky, the librarian, and Goh Boon Xuan, a dedicated student helper. A space that combines exhibition and library functions, the study displays cultural and historical records and archives of Tan Kah Kee. The curatorial concept is to simulate Tan Kah Kee’s study room at that time to tell stories through space, allowing visitors to experience Tan Kah Kee’s spiritual world.

Following the museum tour, students were led by Ms. Agnes and Ms. Cathy to explore the Chinese literature section spanning the second and third floors of the library. Here, they were introduced to many literary treasures, from classic Chinese to Southeast Asian literature, enriching their understanding of regional literary landscapes.

After a brief intermission, students reconvened in the Instruction Room for an enlightening session on the library’s online and offline resources. Ms. Agnes explained the functionality of the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) system, empowering students to navigate through the vast collection of books, reference materials, and course reserves. She also highlighted the diverse language databases available, catering to students’ varied research needs.

As the event drew to a close, Dr. Ooi Bee Peng expressed gratitude to the librarians and student helpers for their efforts in organizing the event. She underscored the importance of utilizing library resources wisely to enhance academic pursuits, leaving students inspired and equipped for their scholarly endeavours.

The library guided tour can be organized upon request. If patrons are interested, please contact the Library Circulation Team on the 2nd floor, or write an email to librarian@xmu.edu.my.

Contributed by: Leong Kai Shin, Ong Qing

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报导: 梁恺昕                 摄影: 王晴

为丰富语言学, 古代文学, 现代文学, 历史学与哲学等中文系专业学生的学术之旅,厦门大学马来西亚分校图书馆于2024年4月22日举办了第二届图书馆导览暨线上线下资源共享活动。应助理教授黄美冰博士为中文系学生开设的研究方法课的要求,此次活动旨在让学生熟悉学校图书馆的实体和线上资源。

60 名学生分成两组参加了上午 9 点至 11 点的活动。行程以令人着迷的 “嘉庚书房 “导览开始。”嘉庚书房”是一个集展览和图书馆功能于一体的空间,展示了陈嘉庚先生在那个时代的文化历史记录和档案。策展理念是模拟陈嘉庚当时的书房,通过空间讲述故事,让参观者体验陈嘉庚的精神世界。这个独特的展览深入探讨了厦门大学创始人陈嘉庚的精神世界,展示了他所处时代的文化和历史故事。在图书管理员郑美玉老师与学生助手吴文绚的专业导览下,参访学生沉浸在陈嘉庚的精神世界中。

参观完嘉庚书房,学生们在图书管理员Agnes 女士和 Cathy 女士的带领下参观了图书馆二楼和三楼的华文文学部分。在这里,他们认识了许多文学珍品,从中国古典文学到东南亚文学,丰富了他们对地区文学的了解。

短暂的中场休息后,学生们再次来到会议室,参加图书馆在线和离线资源的介绍。Agnes 女士介绍了在线公共检索目录(OPAC)系统的功能,使学生们能够浏览大量的藏书、参考资料和课程储备。此外,她还重点介绍了现有的各种语言数据库,以满足学生的不同研究需求。


厦门大学马来西亚分校图书馆会不定期举办导览团,读者如有兴趣安排此类行程,请直接与图书馆二楼流通组联系,或撰写查询电邮至 librarian@xmu.edu.my.