What You Need to Know

Library Assets Overdue Fines, Damaged or Lost Charges

How to Minimize and Resolve Them

Library Reading Materials Fines and Book Lost Handling

  1. The reading material items should be returned to the A3 library’s circulation counter promptly. Kindly return the borrowed items before the expiry of the loan period. Otherwise, an overdue fine of RM0.20/day will be imposed for normal book and RM0.50/hour for course reserve book respectively.
  2. Any overdue items must be returned.  The reading materials overdue fines incurred must be settled before the borrower is permitted to borrow or renew the book borrowing date again.
  3. Book price will be decided by checking the price of such item on e-commerce website such as amazon.com.
Fines Description Penalty Charges
Overdue for Normal Books RM 0.20 per day
Overdue for Course Reserves RM 0.50 per hour
Book Lost & Damaged Book Price*2+ Processing Fees (RM30)

Library Multimedia Borrowing/Returning Guides and Late Returning/Lost/Damaged Fines

XMUM Library’s multimedia devices collection or returning arrangements (during library’s opening hours or closing hours), as below.

  1. Example of the library multimedia devices/items commonly available for Block A / Block B classrooms’ usage are as following:

     wireless microphone, wireless pointer, HDMI VGA adaptors (Windows/MAC mini), pointer, control card etc.

  1. To borrow library item(s) for an event, the patron must submit Event Application Form in advance, seeking librarian’s approval and making the necessary arrangements for processing.
  2. Patron is strongly advised to collect the multimedia device items during library’s opening hours.
  3. For collection during library closing hours, patron needs to fill in the borrower info such as staff name, campus ID, contact number, borrowed items, dates and times borrowed/returned in the log book provided by security guard.
  4. All borrowed items are to be returned immediately on the same day (after event or class is ended)
  5. For late returning/lost/damaged of borrowed items, there will be fines imposed for late returning of library item(s).
Fines Description Penalty Charges
First Day late returning RM 50 per day per item
Subsequent Day(s) of late returning RM 10 per day per item
Item Lost & Damaged Item Price+ Overdue fines (by days)

Library Contact Information

Xiamen University Malaysia Library

A3 Building
Jalan Sunsuria,Bandar Sunsuria,
43900 Sepang, Selangor

Phone : 03-8800 6801
Email : librarian@xmu.edu.my