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The staff directory of Xiamen University Malaysia Library is a valuable resource for anyone looking to connect with the our staff members. It provides a comprehensive list of all individuals working at the library, including their contact details, department, and areas of expertise. This makes it easy to search for and find the right person to contact for your needs. Additionally, the directory is regularly updated to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date, providing a reliable source of information for anyone looking to connect with the university’s staff.

Library Services

Scope of Duty Contact Persons Office Room Email
Access Services Management Angie Ng A3-603
Cataloging-Chinese The Bee Geok A3-605
Cataloging-English Tan Jingli A3-607
Chia Chiew Thing
Gifts & Exchange Xiao Dehong A3-605
The Bee Geok
Library PCs setting Hong Hui A3-601
IT Office
Library Stack Management Victor Lee A3-601
Library Space & Facilities Xiao Dehong A3-619
MQA – Library services Hidayati Haron A3-607
Order – Books & Periodicals Hidayati Haron A3-607
Photocopier Maintenance Hazim Shuhaili A3-601
Reference – Circulation Counter Services Hazim Shuhaili A3-601
Sulfrin Sulaiman
Reference – Online Services Premanathan Sarkunam A3-601

Information Technology Services

Scope of Duty Contact Persons Office Room Email
Learning Technology Chan Guoa Hao A3-103
Application Development Wang Shuang B1-102
Data Centre Management Kalidass Pilai A3-608
Chen Xiaochou A3-608
Hostel Network Lu Xiaoli B1-G09  
Soh Jun Khang
Chen Jun Long
IT Asset Borrowing Steve Wong A3-103
IT Services Learning & Training Angie Ng A3-608
Lee Ying Ying B1-102
Maintenance – Telephone & Fax Soh Jun Khang B1-G09
MQA – IT services Angie Ng A3-608
Network Administration Chen Xiaochou A3-608
Network Layer 1 & 2 Soh Jun Khang B1-G09
Chen Jun Long
Online Service – AskA Lee Ying Ying B1-102
Angie Ng A3-608
Registration Siow Kian Hin B1-102
& all IT staff
Software Installation Request Kalidass Pilai A3-103
Yee Jia Cheng
System – E-Card Siow Kian Hin B1-102
System – Moodle Premanathan Sarkunam A3-601
Lee Ying Ying B1-102
System – Office Email Chan Guoa Hao A3-103
Leong Chow Cheng B1-102
System – University Management Angie Ng A3-608
System – Library Integrated Hong Hui B1-102
Teaching Technology – A1, A2, A4 & A5 Yee Jia Cheng A3-103
Steve Wong
Liu Haiwei
Virtual Servers Wu Tianfu A3-608
Kalidass Pilai
Webpages Xiao Dehong A3-619  
Wei Xiaoyan