Network Connection Services

Network & Connectivity

Network Connection Services

Network & Connectivity

Wireless Access (WIFI)

  1. Connect to  Wireless Network (WIFI)
    • Students may connect to the “Student-5G” or “Student” WIFI, with the password “xmustudent”
    • Staff may use the “Staff-5G” or “Staff” WIFI, password is provided by IT Department
  2. If you would like to use your own wireless router, please seek approval from IT Department.
    Note: The Wifi name (SSID) for personal use cannot begin with “XMU” nor using the same SSID names such as Guest, Staff, Student, etc.
  3. Currently, the campus network does not require user authentication. However, in the later phase, user authentication will be imposed.
  4. Internet access is provided by the University, currently it is free of charge.

LAN Network Access (Wired)

  1. Wired/LAN connection is recommended for a more stable internet experience.
  2. An Ethernet cable (RJ45) can be used to connect your computer to the LAN port (see picture).
  3. Go to ‘Network and Internet Setting’ > Choose ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’
    Set your network card to DHCP mode.
  4. Currently, the campus network does not require user authentication. However, in the later phase, user authentication will be imposed.
  5. Internet access provided by the University, is currently free of charge.

Secured Network Access

[A] WebVPN (For In & Off Campus – All Users)

  1. Visit URL
  2. You can login using Campus ID and Password, and accessing to WebVPN for E-Resource either from on campus or out of campus.
    Note: Refer Library E-Resources for more information on E-Resource.

[B] Connect Campus Systems via SSLVPN secured remote connection (For Off Campus – Staff only)

  1. A secure remote access solution using campus SSLVPN with Remote Desktop Connection has been implemented by IT since September 2021.
  2. XMUM SSLVPN secured remote connection system is only applicable for off campus staff to remotely access into XMUM campus system, using Staff campus ID and password only. Note: SSLVPN connection is only applicable for Staff only.
  3. Staff can follow few simple steps in order to access to campus departmental systems securely.
    Staff User Guides – SSLVPN for Staff only
  4. Alternatively, for student who may need to request for XMU SSLVPN remote access can filling up the online eform via URL: SSLVPN Remote Access Online Request Form
    – After submitting the eform, it will undergo a review and processing within five working days.
    – For student SSLVPN request, student need to send supervisor approval letter via email to: and copy: using student’s XMUM email.
    – Upon submission of request, your application will be reviewed and processed accordingly within 5 working days.
    – After request is approved, you will be guided on how to access for the SSLVPN.
    – At the end of the access duration, IT will revoke access as necessary.

Email  or raise AskA should you need further assistant.

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