Ensuring a Positive Library Experience

Library Policies

Establish a favorable and pleasant learning environment for all patrons

Library Code of Conduct

By accessing our library spaces and collections, you are implicitly consenting to adhere to the library policies, rules and regulation, which is clearly outlined here.

  1. Sharing of seats, power points and library materials
  2. Respect those studying around you.
  3. Speak softly at all times.
  4. Treat everyone with courtesy and be considerate
  5. Take care of your own belongings. Unattended items will be removed.

Rules and Regulations

To Do

  1. All reading materials should be checked out at circulation counter before leaving the library.


  2. Food and beverages are allowed on the dedicated library areas at A3 1st floor only.


  3. Library Common seats are available on a first come, first served.


  4. Keep library space, study rooms, or areas clean and tidy at all time.


  5. Return reading materials at reading tables or books trolleys.


  6. Wear appropriate attire for the library setting. Also, to prevent excessive noise and safeguard the library’s flooring, please wear quiet and non-high-heeled footwear.


  7. Show respect to other individuals studying around you.


  8. Maintain a minimum noise level during conversations.


  9. Report any accidents immediately to the librarian.


Not to Do

  1. Personal belongings should not be left unattended in the library areas.


  2. Vandalism of library assets, facilities, and building areas is strictly prohibited.


  3. Do not access illegal websites or engage in illegal downloads of movies or software using the library’s facilities or computers.


  4. Do not move tables, chairs and other furniture around.


  5. Engaging in activities such as soliciting donations, distributing pamphlets, or any other commercial or religious endeavors is strictly prohibited.


  6. Taking photos, videos, or audio recordings of other individuals in the library is prohibited.


General Rooms and Common Learning
Space Usage Rules

These rules are applicable for all types of the library rooms, Instruction Room, Mini Cinema, Makerspace and common learning areas:

  1. Use the library room or space only for study and academic purposes. Respect those studying around you.
  2. Seat reservations are not allowed. For common learning areas, it is based on “first come first served basis”, whilst all library rooms will need reservation via Space Booking System only.
  3. Keep library space and rooms clean and tidy.
  4. Food and beverages are not allowed (except bottled plain drinking water)
  5. Turn off all the lights and door when leaving the library rooms.
  6. Avoid loud noises and disturbance to others.
  7. Do not move, remove or add any tables or chairs in the library rooms. (For find out the maximum occupancy information, do visit Room Types Available)
  8. Playing of cards, games, watching movies is prohibited.
  9. Vandalism of library rooms or common learning areas is not allowed.
  10. Patron who booked the room must be present in the room.

Library COVID-19 SOP

  1. Always wear a proper mask while in Library.
  2. Do not enter Library or discussion rooms if you have Covid-19 symptoms.
  3. Maintain social distancing.
  4. Avoid massive group gatherings if you have Covid-19 symptoms.

Disciplinary Action on Breach of Library Rules and Regulations or Misconduct

Any patrons found to be in breach of any terms within the Library Rules and Regulations or guilty of misconduct for inappropriate behaviour, librarians reserve the right to restrict patrons from subsequent room booking or subject of disciplinary action, if they violate any of the rules and regulations mentioned above.

Disciplinary actions may amount to warning being issued (by Student Affairs Office) and/or any compliance needed to be adhered to during the stipulated period of time. Examples of violations of library rules and regulations, misconduct, or actions that may be considered misdemeanours include (but are not limited to) the following instances:

  • Eating or drinking beverages in Library prohibited areas. Due to the potential for spills, stains, or attracting pests, ignoring these rules can be considered inappropriate (except the dedicated food and beverages zone at A3 1st floor only).
  • Loud or Disruptive Behaviour. Engaging in loud conversations, fighting, shouting, talking on the phone, or making excessive noise can disrupt other library patrons who are trying to study or concentrate.

  • Vandalism or Damage to library property. writing or drawing on library materials, furniture, window or walls, as well as intentionally damaging library property, is unacceptable behaviour that affects the resources available for other patrons.

  • Harassment or Intimidation. Behaviours such as bullying, threatening or intimidating others, making derogatory remarks, or engaging in unwelcome advances are not tolerated in a library environment.

  • Improper Use of Technology. Using library computers or personal devices for illegal activities, accessing inappropriate or explicit content, or violating copyright laws are examples of inappropriate technology use in a library.

  • Failure to Comply with Library Policies. Disregarding library policies, such as ignoring borrowing limits, failing to return items on time, stealing of reading material(s) or not adhering to the library’s code of conduct or rules and regulations, can be considered inappropriate behaviour.

Library aims to establish a favorable and pleasant learning environment for all patrons. Library staff members are responsible for enforcing policies and maintaining order, and they may address and intervene in situations involving inappropriate behaviour, with or without security authority.

Library Contact Information

Xiamen University Malaysia Library

A3 Building
Jalan Sunsuria,Bandar Sunsuria,
43900 Sepang, Selangor

Phone : 03-8800 6801
Email : librarian@xmu.edu.my