XMUM Learning Management System


XMUM Learning Management System


  1. Visit https://l.xmu.edu.my to access Moodle (XMUM Learning Management System).
  2. Refer Home > Course Categories > Moodle Quick Guide, for quick start on how to use the basic functions of Moodle. Lecturer can start uploading course material in Moodle, as well as using this platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing purposes.
  3. Moodle system backup maintenance is planned from 03:00am – 04:30am MYT on daily basis. All users are unable to access to Moodle system during this period.
  4. Lecturer can start applying course for the academic purposes via Course Request. The Course Request only applicable for lecturer and can be requested by Lecturer only.
    • Lecturer and students to login Moodle using your Campus ID and password. Refer What is Campus ID?
    • For new students, do login to Moodle once you have received your Campus ID information immediately after student registration process.
    • Lecturer can request for course creation at ‘Course Request’ page.[Note: Course code, course name and lecturer initial name to be included in the course title.
    • Course request approval will be granted by Moodle administrator during working days/hours and you will receive an email notification
    • Lecturer can update the course files accordingly
    • Lecturer can either enroll students in Moodle with import enrolls function, or allow students to enter Moodle course by providing the enrolment key for the course (Course name and enrollment key are to be provided by the respective course’s lecturer), depending on the lecturer course’s setting
    • Student can view the course material accordingly once enrolled into the course.
    • Student to backup the the course material accordingly as course will be closed or expired after the course semester ended
  5. If you are unable to login Moodle, try reset your Campus Id password via https://id.xmu.edu.my. However if problem persisted, your Campus ID maybe blocked in Moodle, if you have entered incorrect Campus ID password continuously for more than 6 times. Visit B1 Library and bring along your Campus ECard for unblocking of Campus ID if on campus. If you are out of campus, do email moodle@xmu.edu.my or raise AskA with a copy of your campus ID attached for Campus ID unblock request and verification purposes.
  6. Refer below for the useful how-to Moodle User Guides. [Note: To access the shared guides, you maybe prompted to login using Campus Email and password.
  7. Recommended Settings for Online Exam (applicable for online assessment, assignment, quiz)
    All lecturers is encouraged to share online learning knowledge and best practice, such as the online exam setting among their respective faculties. Recommended Settings in Moodle for Online Exam.
  8. For further assistance on the course categories update, course deletion, change of Campus ID or feedback on Moodle guides, you may email moodle@xmu.edu.my or raise AskA. Moodle support will be attending to your request during working hours (Mon-Fri).

Moodle Checklist (For All Users)

All Moodle users to read the general checklist and guides.

Student Tutorials (For Students)

Moodle Quick Starts for students.

Moodle Guides (For Lecturers)

Moodle Quick Starts for lecturers.

1. Getting Started

2. Basic Functions for Moodle

3. Discussion

4. Assignment

5. Quizzes

6. Pre and Post Semester Moodle Course Checklist

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