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Uniting Minds, Sharing Wisdom, Shaping Futures

Institutional Repository

The XMUM Institutional Repository (IR) stands as an innovative and dynamic platform meticulously designed to serve as the repository for Xiamen University Malaysia’s rich repository of academic, research, and scholarly outputs. Rooted in the university’s commitment to advancing knowledge, the IR serves as an organized and centralized digital hub that hosts a diverse range of documents, including undergraduate theses and various other academic resources. By providing a seamless and easily accessible interface, the IR empowers the XMUM community to share, access, and preserve scholarly achievements.

Thesis Handover to Library Procedure:

  1. Faculty representative to read thru the Thesis Handover to Library Procedure (for safekeeping/non-catalogue arrangement only) before arranging the thesis paper to the Library.
  2. Prepare Thesis info listing (template: thesis catalogue-text.xls). Thesis Listing Files.
  3. Contact librarian@xmu.edu.my should you have further queries on the above procedure or how to fill the necessary info.

Publishing copies to submit of book publication to the National Library of Malaysia (Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia) :

XMUM Library can assist faculties on the procedure in term of collection and submissions of copies of publications to National Library. Our Procedures of Submitting Publications from Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) to the National Library of Malaysia as below.

  • Representative or contact person from Academic Faculties or Department to issue the letter in responding to National Library request and submit a minimum of 10 copies of publishing materials to XMUM Library for further assistance (attached the reply letter to the National Library of Malaysia together)
  • When a faculty or department is appointing or assigning “Xiamen University Malaysia” as the legal publishing unit while applying for ISBN and CIP data (such as the bibliographic record) from the National Library in accordance with Act 301 and Act 331 of the Malaysian Publishing Act, the requestor or contact person (lecturer, staff or student’s) of books or materials publishing, must submit the responding letter of CIP application to National Library together with a minimum of 10 copies of the new books or library materials within 30 days of publication submitted to the XMUM Library, so that XMUM Library can further assist in publication submission to National Library on time.
  • XMUM Library will compile a minimum of five copies of books publishing into the respective countries’ University’s collection as soon as possible for circulation and lending; the other five books will be sent to the National Library of Malaysia, together with other publications materials by the end of publishing year, for further review and collection consolidation.
  • However, it is the responsibility of the requestor or faculty in charge to review, verify and validate on the publishing books content or publishing materials, in according to the respective countries Library Material, Printing Presses and Publications Acts.

Library Contact Information

Xiamen University Malaysia Library

A3 Building
Jalan Sunsuria,Bandar Sunsuria,
43900 Sepang, Selangor

Phone : 03-8800 6801
Email : librarian@xmu.edu.my