Used Books or Reading Materials Giveaways by Library

Used Books or Reading Materials Giveaways initiated By Library

Since mid September 2022, Library has initiated Used Books & Reading Materials Giveaways Corner Initiatives to campus students. A book rack has been setup in front of library entrance at Block B to cater for this meaningful event.

This activity aims at cultivating student’s reading habit and also encouraging the students to seek for new knowledges while enabling library the opportunity of giving second life to the preloved books.

We also believe in “Sharing is Caring” towards the XMUM campus community and hope the spirit of giving back to the society lives on within XMUM campus.

Terms and Conditions:
1. All used books or reading materials are meant for free sharing only.
2. These reading materials are not meant for commercial use or resale purposes.
3. XMUM Library will not be responsible for the conditions of these used books.
4. Once taken, there is no returning of these books or reading materials allowed.

1. Kindly arrange the remaining books or reading materials properly in the bookshelf.
2. If you have other books to donate, please proceed to Library front desk/counter for book donation processing. Do not place your own books or reading materials here.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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