Planting a Tree at XMUM Library

Contributed by Zhou Chenyan, photo by Huang Yiyang & Library

Planting a Tree at XMUM Library

If you have visited the 2nd floor of XMUM Library for the past few days, you may have noticed that a “tree” is growing on the wall.

On 6 October 2023, a sharing session for the “Tree of Knowledge” project, the first-ever Artist-in-Residence project at Xiamen University Malaysia, was held at A3 Library.

Sponsored by the “Lighthouse Library” Project by the Malaysian Social Entrepreneurship Foundation (MSEF), “Tree of Knowledge” is a wall painting project organized by XMUM School of Communications and renowned Malaysian artist Shia Yih Yiing.

During the 10-day project, students were able to work with the artist to complete the wall painting in the library, depicting their life experiences with a paintbrush.

During the sharing session, Dr. Aki Chong Li Chin, MSEF’s director, explained to the students the origin of the Lighthouse Library Project. She said that the era of donating books for charity is over, and having books that no one can read is a problem in today’s society. Thus, MSEF hopes to work with like-minded people to promote reading in various ways, making reading the brightest light in the education system by building a good interactive reading environment and cultivating reading habits. 

“Starting from planting a tree” is the first step determined by the three parties, which is also where the idea of “Tree of Knowledge” came from.

Speaking of the process of creating “Tree of Knowledge”, artist Shia Yih Yiing showed the students the images and materials she had researched: from the Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, to the huge branches of natural sciences and humanities, she wanted to make the tree visually beautiful and meanwhile, rich in textual information.

After two months of experimenting, she finished designing the tree with lush branches and fruits made up of words from one discipline and knowledge to another. Finally, she gave the tree the blue colour belonging to the emblem of Xiamen University Malaysia.

“I want everyone to come together and dream.” On both sides of the “Tree of Knowledge”, Shia Yih Yiing designed a free drawing space for the students. She hoped that what grew there was the “Trees of Life” drawn by the students themselves.

“A dream you dream is a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.” At the end of the sharing, Shia Yih Yiing shared her favourite quote with the students.

In the second half of the sharing session, students used drawings and texts to “plant” their own tree on a blank piece of paper, and through those trees, which have both fruits and pests, they were able to explore and learn how life blossoms and changes.

The “Tree of Knowledge” project will run till 14 October. During this period, every Tuesday to Saturday, students are welcome to visit the 2nd floor of the A3 Library and create their own Leaves of Life for the “Tree of Knowledge”. Join us and have your own life grow together with the books.

Leaves of Life drawn by students

Contributed by Zhou Chenyan, photo by Huang Yiyang & Library

Reviewed by XMUM Librarian

在厦大马校图书馆, “种”一棵树


“知识树”创作项目是一项由马来西亚著名艺术家谢薏颖(Shia Yih Yiing)与人文与传播学院合作发起的墙画艺术活动,由马来西亚社会企业家基金(MSEF)灯塔图书馆计划提供赞助,也是我校首次驻校艺术家活动。


在分享会上,马来西亚社会企业家基金负责人庄诒晶博士(Dr. Aki Chong Li Chin)向同学们阐述了灯塔图书馆计划的由来:捐书做慈善的年代已经过去,有书没人读反而是当今社会的问题。他们希望能够与志同道合的人一起用各种方式来推动阅读,通过构建良好的互动阅读环境,培养阅读习惯,让阅读成为教育体系中最亮的光。




“我希望大家一起来做梦。” 在知识树两侧,谢薏颖为同学们设计了自由绘制空间,她希望那里生长的是同学们自己画下的生命树。

“A dream you dream is a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.”在分享结束前,谢薏颖向同学们分享了这句她喜欢的名言。



采写 / 周辰妍
摄影 / 黄奕扬、图书馆
编辑 / 王怡然