A Space with Endless Possibilities “XMUM Makerspace”

By MPU Community Service Group S3 and XMUM Library

A Space with Endless Possibilities "XMUM Makerspace"

The Makerspace at Xiamen University Malaysia Library exemplifies the concept of intelligence having fun, as famously stated by Albert Einstein, emphasizing the boundless potential of human creativity. Located on the library’s first floor within the innovation space, this dynamic makerspace offers cutting-edge facilities for students to engage in a wide range of STEM activities. From computer-based projects, software utilization, and electronics to 3D printing, audio visual recording, media exploration, animation, and even renewable energy initiatives like solar projects, the makerspace provides a workspace where students can explore, create and learn.

Beyond its technical resources, the makerspace also nurtures a critical thinking mindset. By encouraging hands-on experiences, it inspires students to develop essential 21st-century skills in STEM fields. Moreover, it emphasizes thinking outside the box and cultivates the belief that anything is achievable with the right mindset and determination.

The makerspace’s interior design transformation was a collaborative effort involving the MPU team, supervised by Ms. Norsafizar Mohd Noor, the community service group S3 of April 2023, and guided by XMUM IT Ms. Angie Ng and Chief Librarian Mr. Xiao Dehong. The inviting presence of a serene tree at the entrance, along with rows of bookshelves showcasing the past year students’ handcrafted models and knowledge-filled books, creates an exceptional ambiance that enhances the overall space outlook. This setting ignites creativity, fosters a love for making and learning, and sets the stage for productive work and brainstorming sessions.

“The remarkable efforts of the community service group S3 students, led by Project Lead Mr. Sabastian Ng, along with all the dedicated group members particularly the design and logistics teams, have demonstrated team work and resulted in an incredible space transformation that has inspired a culture of learning, sharing, and innovation. The team’s unwavering dedication to utilizing their resources and unleashing their creativity has truly elevated the space, making it more vibrant and captivating for all who experience in using the Makerspace. “by Ms Angie Ng

Since its pre-launch on 26th May 2023, the makerspace has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from visitors who have experienced its unique workspace. Students appreciate the comfortable and focused atmosphere, describing it as an ideal environment for productive work and collaborative idea generation.

In conclusion, the makerspace initiative exemplifies Xiamen University Malaysia’s commitment to remain at the forefront of the ever-changing, technology-driven world. By empowering students with proactive and adaptable skills, the university prepares them to thrive in a dynamic future. Let us embrace the world of makerspace, where imagination thrives, innovation unfolds, and the question of human potential persists: Is there a limit to what humans can create through technology and science?

Visit XMUM Library and IT Services website https://linc.xmu.edu.my/makerspace/ for more information on Makerspace.