USB Printing User Guide

  • There are 2 USB ports at the right side below the touch screen. Students or staff are able to print from it and scan to it.

    在 LCD 荧幕的右侧有 2 个 USB 插口,学生或教职人员可以使用 USB 打印或扫描至 USB。

  • After plug in the USB, a pop-up notification would appear on the touch screen and the user needs to choose “Box” to browse through what’s in the USB.

    插入 USB 后,打印机的 LCD 屏幕上将弹出显示。您需 要选择 Box 以便可以浏览 USB 内的档案。

  • Select the desired file and click on 1. for direct printing (default Black n White).

    选择所需的文件,然后单击 1.直接打印(默认黑白)。

  • If want to print in Color, press on the desired file for a few seconds then click on 2. to choose Print Options.

    如果想打印彩色,按着所需的文件几秒钟,然后点击 2. 选择打印选项。

    *Notes: Only selected file types, i.e. PDF, JPG, TIFF, can be printed.

    *注意: 只有指定文件格式能打印: PDF, JPG, TIFF

  • Click on the desired options and click on print.