Copying and Scanning User Guide

Scan To PC or USB

1. Tap on the Scan & Send application on the screen.


2. Click the PC icon to open up the list of computers which are available for receiving the scanned copy.


3. Choose the name of the computer which you would like to send to, for example LIB-15.

    选择您的电脑名字,例如 LIB-15 的名称。

4. Click on “File Format” to choose the desired format from a list of available formats.


5. Click on the icons above to choose whether to scan the file in Black and White or Color.

   选择将文件扫描至黑白(Mono) 或彩色 (Color) 。

6. Furthermore, you can edit the file name if you want to.


7. You may choose to scan single/double sided.


8. Press the Start button on the touchscreen to start scanning.


9. Go to computer desktop and open the “SAMSUNG SCAN” folder to check for the scanned file/s.

    扫描完成的文件将传送到电脑桌面的“SAMSUNG SCAN”文件夹中。

10. Other than scan to PC, you can also scan to USB.

      除此之外,您也可以把文件传送到 USB 中。

11. Plug the USB pen drive into the USB port located at the right side below the touch screen. Then, a screen will pop up. Select send to proceed.

      首先在触碰屏幕右下方的 USB port 插入 pen drive。触碰屏幕界面就会跳出选择界面(Box/Send)。选择 Send 以进入下一个界面。

12. Click on the icon pointed by blue arrow and choose USB. Then follow step 4 to 8 and press start to scan.

      点击图中的蓝色箭头指向的地方然后选择 USB。重复步骤 4 至 8 并按下蓝色开始按钮即可将文件从复印机传输到 USB。


1. Tap on the Quick Copy icon on the screen.


2.Choose the desired paper source, for example you may choose A3 which is in Tray 2 (If there is).

    选择所需的纸张来源,例如,你可以选择 A3 (如果可以在纸盒2有A3纸张)。

3.The Reduce / Enlarge function is to allow you print an image larger or smaller than the original. Tap the icons on the screen to reduce a copy by 25 % to 99 %, or enlarge a copy by 101 % to 400 %.

    缩小/放大功能是让你打印图像比原来的更大或更小。点击屏幕上的图标由 25%降低副本到 99%,或 101%,放大复印到 400%。

  • Auto: Reduces or enlarges the copy based on the size of the output paper.


  • 100 %( Original): Prints the copy at the same size as the original.


  • Custom: You can choose custom percentage (between 25 to 400%).

    自定义:您可以选择自定义的百分比(介于 25%至 400%)。

4.The Duplex function is to set the machine to print copies on both sides of paper. You can select the Original and Output binding type, either type is Book or Calendar.


  • 1 to 1 sided: For originals or output binding type that are printed on one side only.


  • 1 to 2 Sided: 2 sheets combined into 1 double sided.

    2 张组合成 1 双面。

5.The N-up function is to allow user to duplicate the image of the sheet into a paper.

    N 合一功能是允许用户把图像复制到纸上。

  • 2-up : Duplicate 2 images of the copied paper onto 1 paper.

    重复复印 2 图像至 1 张纸。

  • 4-up : Duplicate 4 images of the copied paper onto 1 paper.

    重复复印 4 图像到 1 张纸。

6.Use this option to set the orientation of the original.


  • Upright Images: Use this setting for an original document loaded with the top toward the back of the machine.


  • Sideways Images: Use this setting for an original document loaded into the Top Feeder with the top of the document toward the left side of the machine, or an original document placed on the scanner glass with the top of the document toward the right side of the machine


7.Darkness: Control the darkness of the copied image/s.