IP Phone (Telephony Services)

IP Phone (Telephony Services)

1. XMUM IP telephony system uses Yealink IP Phone and Grandstream IP Phone as a standard phone set.

2. IP Phone system consolidates voice network and data network with following features:

  • Call Waiting
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call logs – user is reminded to clear the call history logs from time to time
  • Voicemail
  • DID Call
  • Voice Conference call – max 3 parties
  • IP Phone can be relocated on any campus office network.

3. User can dial the campus IP phone numbers using last 4 digits number for inter department communication.

4. Click here for the online user guides of Yealink IP Phone or Grandstream IP Phone

How to request for the IP Phone

1. IP Phone (Deskphone) is applicable for full time staff only mainly for office administrative, management and international staff. These users can raise AskA and feedback on their convenience date and time to install the IP phone in their office, in advance.

2. IP phone is optional for lecturers and research staff as users are encouraged to consider using faster and online communication channels with students such as Microsoft Teams, wechats, whatsapp etc.

  • Should you require an IP phone, do fill the IT Devices Installation Request form http://linc.xmu.edu.my/node/473, with justification of the need of IP phone and obtain HOD approval, prior to submit the signed request form to IT Department.
  • Upon approval, IT Department will install the IP phone in staff office, estimated in 3 working days and depending on stock availability. Upon installation, the phone number and default voice mailbox password will be communicated to user.
  • User to update phone extension for the admin team to process on name card accordingly.

3. After IP phone installation, ensure your phone line is reachable and able to receive incoming call or receiving call normally.

4. Users are encouraged on the sharing of IP phone within the same department (location), if feasible.

5. For staff leaving the campus, the IP phone set can reassign to the replacement staff or the resigned staff to return the IP phone set to IT Department (A2-G10 / B1-102) if no longer requires.

Should you have any queries on IP phone, do forward your query to it@xmu.edu.my or raise feedback in AskA