Turnitin (Plagiarism Detection)

Turnitin is a well known and powerful plagiarism detection software, and having the largest users’ base of academic originality checking system. It is widely used in worldwide universities, academic institution papers and other fields. Its’ detection contrast library contains approximately 150 million massive paper databases, over 90,000 world-renowned periodicals magazine databases, more than 200 million web database.

Turnitin is a cloud-based services and accessible via web browser (no software installation required).
• Student can submit assignments for plagiarism checking/detection, export the results of adjustment and print the results.
• Able to check document in various formats, including Microsoft Word, pdf, txt, and so on.
• Powerful database with multilingual support (foreign languages)
• Has a strong background (foreign language) database

Get Started with Turnitin

User Best Practices

    For Lecturer:

    1. To Expire Class after every Semester/After Exam session ended.
    Once you have expired your class, students enrolled in expired classes would not be counted against the total students limit. This is to avoid students from being prohibited to access the university's Turnitin account or causing other students unable to submit their papers on Turnitin if the limit of user licenses has reached.
    2. Set Class End Date as the last day of the semester during class creation in Turnitin.
    It is recommended that the instructors may need to set the class end date as the last day of the semester when s/he created a class on Turnitin. User is advised to download save the requires paper as backup. Alternatively, Turnitin support will expired all classes after end of every semester.

    For Student:
    1. Student to sign in to Turnitin Class using Campus Email Address only.
    Student is advised to download save the requires paper as backup. All accounts creation using personal email address account will be removed for account clean up on monthly basis.

Forgotten your password or unable to log into your Turnitin account

    If you have forgotten your password or unable to log into your account, you can set a new password by using the instructions below:
    Turnitin Account Password Reset (Video)
  • Go to www.turnitin.com and click on "Log In" button at the top right.
  • Click on the "Forgot your password? Click here" link.
  • Follow the next instruction to enter your mail address & your "First Name" or "Last Name" (Use the First Name or Last Name appear as in your identity card or passport, similarly during Turnitin account creation earlier) and then click "Next"
  • Answer your secret question. If you have forgotten the answer to your secret question, click the link Forgot your answer? A link will be sent to your email (either in the Inbox or Junk folders) to enter a new password. You have 24 hours to change your password using that link.
    Note: If you could not find the reset password mail, try to search for an email from noreply@turnitin.com in your inbox folder and click on "here" link to enter a new password.
  • On the password reset page, enter a new password and log into Turnitin using the e-mail and new password for your profile.
  • Reminder!! If you are unable to recall your security questions password, you can select the option to proceed with the new password setting instead.