Library Rules


  • Borrowers are to produce their students/staff card when borrowing library materials.
  • No book or other library material can be brought out of the library before the item has been recorded.
  • Library materials borrowed must be returned on or before the due date. The normal loan period for books is two weeks. However, the library may fix varying loan periods for different types of materials or users as it deems fit.
  • Loan period

Type of Material


Loan Period

No. of Items

Normal Books


14 days



14 days


Academic Staff

30 days


Course Reserves


4 hours



4 hours


Academic Staff

130 days


  • Periodicals and newspapers can’t be borrowed and brought out of the library.


  • Items should be returned to the service counter in the hall of library. Please return the borrowed items before the expiry of the loan period. Otherwise, an overdue fine of RM0.20/day will be imposed.


Penalty Charges

Overdue Fines for Normal Books

RM 0.20 per day

Overdue Fines for Course Reserves

RM 0.50 per hour

Book Lost & Damaged

Book Price*2+ Processing Fees (RM30)

  • Any overdue items must be returned and any overdue fines incurred must be settled, before the borrower is permitted to borrow again.

Book price will be decided by checking the price of such item on e-commerce website such as


  • No bag allowed.
  • Please keep silent while you are in the library. Do not disturbothers, keep conversations to aminimum.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the library area.
  • Switch OFF/ SILENT MODE your mobile phones.
  • The last library transaction (borrow, renewal, return) is 15minutesbefore the library closing time.
  • The library will not be responsible for the loss or misplacement of personal belongings.
  • Vandalising of library equipment will be penalized.
  • The librarian is empowered to withdraw library facilities for any infringement of the rules and regulations as and when necessary.