Printing and Copying

Copying and Scanning User Guide

ID Card Copying User Guide

USB Printing User Guide

PaperCut Login for(Copy, Print, Scan) User Guide.

1. Click on any document/s which you want to print.


2. Choose Printer ‘Virtual Printer on’ from printer list to print.


    *Notes: The documents can reach at any printers available at the library, for example LIB-1 & LIB-2m, if printing using Virtual Printer.


3. Click on Printer Properties if you want to choose to print in Black and White (B&W) or Colour.

    点击打印机属性如果你想要打印黑白 (B&W) 或彩色 (无标签)。

4. Please enter your ID & password in the popup.

   ID: (Student/Staff ID)

         (学生/员工 ID)

    Password: (User needs to change the default password after first login)


*Notes: users can select how long they would like to stay connected to Paper Cut server without re-login.

    *用户可以在登录持续时间选项卡中选择持续在线时间(1,5 或 10 分钟),而无需重新登录。

5. After log-in, there will be another Green colour popup at the upper right hand side of the screen to show the user’s current balance.

    在 ID 及密码键弹出后,屏幕的右上方将会出现另一个绿颜色弹出显示用户的当前余额。

6. After the user executes printing, a notification will show that user will have to go to Photocopy Machine ‘Samsung X4300’ to release the
printing queue and collect the printing document/s.

    用户执行打印后,通知将显示用户需要到影印机“三星 X4300”释放打印队列,并收集打印文档。

7. After the printing is executed, user is required to right click on the Green color popup to logout from the Paper Cut Server.


8. New user needs to tap the card on the card reader and fill in the required details to link the card to his/her account.


9.User needs to enter the log-in information or just tap his/her student/staff card.


    ID: (Student/Staff ID)

         (学生/员工 ID)

   Password: (User needs to change the default password after first login)


  • To choose which document from the document list to print.


  • To release and print the selective document.


  • To have an access to Photocopy or Scanning.


10.To print the selected document, just click on the document and click ‘Print’.


11.To print all the documents on the document list, click on ‘Print All’.


12.To cancel any selected document, just click on the document and press ‘X’ to cancel it.


13.To use Photocopy or Scan function, click on ‘Use Copier Functions’.


14. To access the Photocopy & Scan function, Press ‘Use Copier Function’ -> a popup like the one above will appear -> press ‘OK’.

      为了使用复印和扫描功能,按“使用复印功能” - >弹出将如上图所示 - >按“OK”。

15. After photocopying or scanning job is completed, scroll down from the upper edge of right hand side and click on the profile icon to logout.


16.Or you can tap your card again to log out.


17.Finally, press ‘Logout’.