Office Documents

Description File Department
CS Leaver Checklist To fill up by China Seconded staff who will leaving Malaysia. Please fill up the form one month earlier before departure. Microsoft Office document icon CS Leaver Checklist.doc HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE
Position / Salary Adjustment Form PDF icon Position salary adjustment form.pdf HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE
Overtime Claim Form (For Non-Academic) PDF icon Overtime Claim Form (Non-Academic) (XMU).pdf HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE
New Employee Entry Checklist Checklist for new joiner. PDF icon New Employee Entry Checklist.pdf HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE
Manpower Requisition Form Department to fill up this form to request headcount. Kindly plan your department's headcount ahead. PDF icon Manpower Requisition Form.pdf HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE
Leaver Checklist Checklist need to submit during last day of employment. PDF icon Leaver Checklist.pdf HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE
Job Application Form File Job Application Form (new).docx HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE
External Training Request Form Fill up the form when the employee would like to participate in any training. PDF icon External Training Request Form.pdf HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE
TP3 Form This is the form for new joiner to declare his / her total income with previous employer. The information provided will affect income tax rate. PDF icon Borang-Tp3-2015-English-Version.pdf HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE
AIA Hospital and Surgical Claim This is form for in hospitalization claim submission. PDF icon Member Hospital and Surgical Claim Form_AIA.pdf HUMAN RESOURCE OFFICE