Course Reserves for 2016

Course ID Course name Lecturer Time
MBT101 Introduction to Marine Science 2016.09
SEM101 Principles of Economics I 2016.09
SEM102 Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis I 2016.09
SEM103 Principles of Accounting 2016.09
SEM104 Principles of Economics II 2016.09
SEM105 Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis II 2016.09
SEM106 Principles of Management 2016.09
SEM202 Principles of Finance 2016.09
SOF101 Computing Mathematics 2016.09
SOF102 Computer Fundamentals 2016.09
SOF103 C and C++ Programming 2016.09
SOF104 Principles of Information Systems 2016.09
BSC103 General Chemistry Tonni 2016.02
BSC105 Calculus B(I) Huang Xueying 2016.02
BSC105A Calculus B (II) (Optional) Huang Xueying 2016.02