Course Reserves for 2016

Course ID Course name Lecturer Time
CME103 Chemical Engineering Drawing 2016.09
CST101 Advanced Mathematics I 2016.09
CST102 Linear Algebra 2016.09
CST103 Programming Language C 2016.09
CST104 Introduction to Computer Science and Technology 2016.09
FSC103 General Chemistry (Part 1) 2016.09
FSC104 Single Variable Calculus 2016.09
FSC105 General Physics (Part 1) 2016.09
FSC111 Programming in Language C 2016.09
G0102 Cross Cultural Communication 2016.09
JRN103 Basic News Writing 2016.09
JRN104 Introduction to New Media Studies 2016.09
JRN106 Interview for Journalists 2016.09
JRN107 Comparative Study of Journalism Laws and Policies 2016.09
JRN108 Photojounalism 2016.09