Course Reserves for 2016

Course ID Course name Lecturer Time
ACC201 Financial Accounting I 2016.09
BSC103 General Chemistry 2016.09
BSC105A Calculus I A 2016.09
BSC111A Calculus IIA 2016.09
BSC112 Engineering Mathematics I 2016.09
CHS1030 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy 2016.09
CHS1051 History of Chinese Literature Part Two 2016.09
CHS1310 Advanced Chinese: Enriching Vocabulary, Phonetics and Grammar 2016.09
CHS1340 Chinese Characters 2016.09
CHS2010 Classical Chinese 2016.09
CHS2110 Selected Works of Classical Chinese Literature Part One 2016.09
CHS2320 Chinese Phonetics 2016.09
CHS3240 Classics in Chinese Philosophy 2016.09
CME101 Introduction to Chemical Engineering 2016.09
CME102 Chemical Engineering Science 2016.09