Email and Office365 Cloud Service

1. Your email address and initial password is given on Registration Day.
2. You are able to access e-mail, Microsoft Office Online Suite, 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive and other valuable cloud services.
3.The user e-mail address will be set in the manner of ID (Users need to change the password after the first login.)
4. Sign in through
5. After signing in, click on the top right corner of the page to customize your email and office365 settings (change operating system language, password, menu, and other options). On the same page, you will see various apps and icons that allow you to access your Email, Calendar, Cloud Storage, Office Online and other applications. You can also click on the icon for ‘Help’ options.
6. The University will use email as one of the communication channels to make announcements and etc. Do check your email frequently for University announcements and information.

Changing Initial Password for Email

1. Sign in through
2. Enter your email account and the initial password given to you, and enter your new password and click ‘Confirm Password’ to change.
3. Click ‘Update Password’ and sign in again.
4. Proceed to Library Helpdesk Room 101 should you require any assistance.
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Note: New password must maintain an 8-character minimum length requirement, with the use of multiple character sets i.e. uppercase and lowercase characters, number or symbol.