Chinese and Korean Student Calligraphy Exhibition on 24th ~31st May 2019

Friday, May 24, 2019

Chinese and Korean Student Calligraphy Exhibition on 24th ~31st May 2019

Science and Art—Sino-Korean University Students' Calligraphy Exhibition was showcased at XMUM on 24th ~31st May 2019. More than 40 student works from 10 universities in mainland China, Hong Kong and South Korea were exhibited on the first floor of the Student Activity Center (Block B1). The works of the students from Calligraphy Society were also exhibited, as a special group at the same time. Mr. Xiaolong LI, the representative of the Hong Kong Jigu Society, has directed XMUM Library and IT team to arrange on the exhibit.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held at 10:30 AM on 24th May 2019. Professor Steve H. CHING from City University of Hong Kong has given speech on the systematic study of the significance of calligraphy learning for multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural and inter-university collaboration.

The donation of "Wenjinge Siku Quanshu" was also taken place at same time. Dr. Terence H. W. CHAN, an honorary chairman of Amoy University HK Alumni Association, on behalf of the Association, presented the 500-volume set of Chinese classics books to XMUM Library, which were shipped to Malaysia in April 2018. Most of the works in the calligraphy exhibition were basically cited from the contents of the complete Library of Four Treasuries.

Dr. CHAN also took the opportunity to give a speech on the “New Opportunities for the Development of the Canton-HK-Macau Bay Area” for the invited audiences especially from the Dept. of Finance.

Dr. WANG Ruifang, President of the XMUM, Mr. ZHANG Jiexin, Director of Kuala Lumpur Chinese Cultural Centre, and Ms. QIN Yanping, Dean of Confucius Institute at SEGi University, were among the special guests who attended the event.