Turnitin (Plagiarism Detection)

Turnitin is a well known and powerful plagiarism detection software, and having the largest users’ base of academic originality checking system. It is widely used in worldwide universities, academic institution papers and other fields. Its’ detection contrast library contains approximately 150 million massive paper databases, over 90,000 world-renowned periodicals magazine databases, more than 200 million web database.

Turnitin is a cloud-based services and accessible via web browser (no software installation required).
• Able to check document in various formats, including Microsoft Word, pdf, txt, and so on
• Powerful database with multilingual support (foreign languages)
• Has a strong background (foreign language) database

Get Started with Turnitin

  • Lecturer to contact the respective Office of Academic Affairs for Turnitin’s login access request.
  • Lecturer can set up a class folder by clicking the ‘Add Class’ tab, then a Class ID and Enrollment password will be generated.
  • Students should use the Class ID and Enrollment password (provided by Lecturer) to create a new account in Turnitin. Then, they can start logging in to http://turnitin.com/ .
  • Students are to submit assignments for plagiarism detection.
  • Visit XMUM Moodle https://l.xmu.edu.my > Other Courses > 2019 > Turnitin Student Guide for more details.