Course Reserves for 2016

Course ID Course name Lecturer Time
CHS1010 Chinese Language Wang Xiaomei 2016.02
CHS1020 Introduction to Chinese History Mao Lei 2016.02
CHS1050 History of Chinese Literature I:Pre-Qin to Han Period Hu Xu 2016.02
CHS1xxx Advanced Chinese: Enriching Vocabulary, Phonetics and Grammar Wang Xiaomei 2016.02
CHS1xxx Selected Works of Classical Chinese Literature Part One Hu Xu 2016.02
CST102 Linear Algebra Zhang Liping 2016.02
G0102 Cross-Cultural Communication Linda 2016.02
G0103 Psychology of Interpersonal Communication Linda 2016.02
G0104 Introduction to International Politics Zhang Biwu 2016.02
G0105 English Drama Song Jiayang 2016.02
G0201 Principles of Economics Xu Li 2016.02
G0205 International Investment Law Luo Rongqiang 2016.02
G0302 Web Site Design Zhang Zhemin 2016.02
G0303 Data Mining Method in the Network Era Zhang Zhemin 2016.02
G0307 Environmental Problems and Environmental Awareness Tonni Agustiono Kurniawan 2016.02